Sunday, July 17, 2016

Copycat Broccoli Slaw

When Andrew fell in love with the deli counter broccoli slaw at Fortinos, I knew we had two options: reverse-engineer the recipe, or go broke. Several test batches later, our bank account was safe.

Like most slaws, this is best made the day before, so the vinegar has time to mellow out the broccoli and cabbage. All the measurements are a bit flexible; adjust according to your tastes.

Makes about 4 cups.

½ cup mayonnaise (regular or light)
Scant 2 tbsp rice vinegar*
2 tbsp white sugar
¼ tsp salt
1/8 to ¼ tsp pepper

1 bag (12 oz.) broccoli slaw mix
¼ cup green onions, sliced fine
Scant ½ cup dried currants
¼ cup sunflower seeds, roasted unsalted

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together dressing ingredients, until sugar is dissolved. Add in remaining slaw ingredients and stir thoroughly to coat.

Transfer slaw to a container and refrigerate, covered, for at least two hours or overnight.

*Don’t have rice vinegar? Substitute champagne vinegar, cider vinegar, or white wine vinegar with a bit of extra sugar.